Armando Mejia Diaz

Armando Meija Diaz was the son of the famous Nicaraguan painter Armando Meija Godoy. He was also the cousin of the “Prince of Salsa,” Luis Enrique. His paintings focus on the friction between light and temperature of color. Colors flow into one another in his paintings, the viewer’s eye drawn around the painting by where he places light and shadow alike. His paintings utilize flourishes of color contrast, resonating in the viewer’s mind. His art was firmly inspired by the works of Raul Marin. Much like Marin, he also painted several nature-based artworks, preferring to focus on nature through the lens of vivid color. He mainly utilized acrylic paint and a palette knife in the making of his art. He sadly passed away of cancer at 43 years old on February 18th, 2018. His passing evoked great sadness in many Nicaraguans, and an art festival was held in his memory on April 7th, 2018.