PunkMeTender French/American, b. 9/4/1982


Romain, aka Punkmetender, was born in the 80s in Paris, France and immigrated to Los Angeles in early 2000. He was introduced to street art early on by Thiery Guetta, also known as Mr. Brainwash. The two artists worked together for over fifteen years, making art and street art, traveling the world, holding art shows. In 2016, it was time for Romain to start his own venture, and Punkmetender was born. The name came from two of his major influences—Daft Punk and Elvis Presley. At first, graffiti and street art were his main goal, creating on billboards or walls in the cover of night. But soon the focus evolved to fine art and mural installation. Butterflies became his source of inspiration because they represent freedom, spirit, and beauty. They have become a constant in all of his artwork. A few years ago, Punkmetender created a new kind of mural installation, integrating three-dimensional butterfly shapes as if they were flying—representing connection on a spiritual and physical level. They are designed to invite the viewer in to the art and to be a part of it by taking pictures of it or with it, ultimately to be inspired to imagine their own reality. PunkMeTender is constantly studying art, constantly evolving. His goals are stationed on the moon.