• About Pellas Gallery

    About Pellas Gallery

    Pellas Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Boston, MA whose primary goal is to discover the best new emerging artists with a focus on local talent. Pellas also has a commitment to showcasing global talent, exhibiting works from prominent West Coast artists as well as international works from Japan, the UK, China and more. F Alfredo Pellas IV and Isabel Arguello are partners at Pellas Gallery and art collectors themselves.


    Pellas and Arguello view every work at the Gallery as both an object of beauty and as an appreciating investment for collectors. Pellas decided to take the risk of opening the largest gallery on Newbury Street in Boston in November of 2019, because both Pellas and Arguello saw there was something new their beloved city of Boston needed in its growing arts scene.


    Both Pellas and Arguello gained an eye for art through training and traveling the world with presidents of art advisories and senior art directors to see all the most important art fairs from KIAF in Seoul, to Art Basel Hong Kong, to Frieze and the Armory Show in London. This helped them develop a keen eye of appreciation for contemporary art culture and the current market to be able to make investment decisions on their own. Many of the artists Pellas has collected have appreciated tenfold; Pellas also collects the artists the gallery represents. The mission of Pellas Gallery is to give the people of Boston the opportunity to buy the latest and best new contemporary art from around the world.

  • F Alfredo Pellas IV, President

    F Alfredo Pellas IV


    F Alfredo Pellas IV is from Nicaragua. Pellas grew up in Miami, lived in Telluride for four years, Lugano, Switzerland for three years, nine years in Boston and one year in Sydney, Australia in between. He is an avid traveler, skier, and surfer, and has recently gotten into collecting NFTs.

  • Isabel Arguello, Senior Director

    Isabel Arguello

    Senior Director

    Isabel Arguello was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and a native of Nicaragua. She has lived in Boston for nine years and spent a year in Cape Town, South Africa in between. She shares a passion for art, travel, understanding and integrating different cultures with Alfredo, which is one of the many things that brought them together. She has also become very interested in the NFT market.

  • Serena Zhang, Director

    Serena Zhang

    Serena Zhang was born in Beijing, China but grew up in Boston, MA and is fluent in both Mandarin and English. She lived in Arizona for six years where she went to college and started her early career in publicity for the film industry. Being passionate about all art forms, she pivoted into the fine arts industry in 2021. She is adamant in bringing cultures together from around the world through the medium of art.
  • David Paredes, Digital Art Directer

    David Paredes

    Digital Art Directer
    David Paredes was born and raised in New York City. He was a professional poker player for many years, winning a World Poker Tour title in 2015. Over the past few years, he has grown increasingly interested in and passionate about digital art and NFTs.  He produced Boston's first NFT show with Pellas Gallery in November 2022, curated by Alex "Nessgraphics" Ness. He plans to work with Pellas to expand its digital art offerings.
  • Charles Castro, Gallery Assistant

    Charles Castro

    Gallery Assistant

    Charles Castro was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and completed his undergraduate studies in St. Louis, where he spent a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain. Throughout his education and travels, he developed a strong passion for the arts, with a minor in art history and working at his universities contemporary art museum. He is now working towards an MFA in Graphic Design at Boston University, where he hopes to use his skills to improve the visual aspect of art institutions.

  • Brooke Botticelli, Sales Representative

    Brooke Botticelli

    Sales Representative
    Brooke Botticelli was born and raised in Boston. Since she was a very young age, painting and creating has been her most enjoyable outlet. Upon graduating with a marketing degree, she started her early career in brand growth and content creation. In the beginning of 2021, she decided to pursue her life long passion of being a full-time artist. With her educational background and experience in arts sales, Brooke brings her knowledge, dedication and passion for fine art to Pellas Gallery.
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