• PELLAS GALLERY IS PLEASED TO PRESENT "Weaving Stories" , A Group EXHIBITION FEATURING THE WORK OF IMAGINE, Hueman, and John Francis Gallagher. "Weaving Stories"  WILL OPEN ON August 31st, 2023 AND RUN THROUGH October 12th, 2023.

  • Pellas Gallery, situated in Boston, Massachusettes, is a distinguished contemporary art gallery dedicated to the exploration and promotion of exceptional emerging artists, with a particular emphasis on local talent. Committed to fostering artistic diversity, Pellas not only showcases the works or prominent West Coast artists but also presents a curated selection of international pieces hailing from countries such as Japan, the UK, China, and beyond. 

    Pellas and Arguello view every work at the Gallery as both an object of beauty and as an appreciating investment for collectors. Pellas decided to take the risk of opening the largest fine art gallery on Newbury Street in Boston in November of 2019, because both Pellas and Arguello saw that In addition to the existing Boston art galleries and museums there was something new their beloved city of Boston needed in its growing arts scene. Pellas Gallery quickly emerged as one of the premiere fine art galleries in Boston as well as established recognition as a preeminent digital art gallery.
    Both Pellas and Arguello gained an eye for art through training and traveling the world with presidents of art advisories and senior art directors to see all the most important art fairs from KIAF in Seoul, to Art Basel Hong Kong, to Frieze and the Armory Show in London. This helped them develop a keen eye of appreciation for contemporary art culture and the current market to be able to make investment decisions on their own. Many of the artists Pellas has collected have appreciated tenfold; Pellas also collects the artists the gallery represents. See the Pellas Gallery exhibitions at the Newbury Street location or view exhibitions of Pellas art gallery online on the artworks page. The mission of Pellas Gallery is to give the people of Boston the opportunity to buy the latest and best new contemporary art from around the world.