Voyage d'Ulysse: Solo Exhibition Featuring Artist PunkMeTender

29 April - 18 June 2022

Voyage d’Ulysse presents a solo show with artwork by PunkMeTender from April 29 - June 18, 2022. The show will exhibit a variety of pieces from the Parisian-turned-Angeleno artist’s repertoire of work including two of PunkMeTender’s NFT pieces, from his collection of Punk Angels, continuing Pellas Gallery’s commitment to showcasing NFTs. The Punk Angels Collection combines his signature Butterfly Wings with 480 different intricately hand-drawn traits.  Voyage d’Ulysse will also include graphic acrylic pieces on wooden panels, a mixed media piece that uses stretched canvas, and other pieces by PunkMeTender that combine his roots in street art, graffiti, photography, fashion and the female form. PunkMeTender’s work has been getting a lot of attention on the West Coast, most recently Kylie Jenner commissioned a large lilac butterfly piece from Punkmetender for her recent Kylie Cosmetics x Stormi launch. 


Romain, aka PunkMeTender, was born in the 80s in Paris, France and immigrated to Los Angeles in early 2000. He was introduced to street art early on by Thiery Guetta, also known as Mr. Brainwash. The two artists worked together for over fifteen years, making art and street art, traveling the world, holding art shows. Today PunkMeTender’s work uses various materials including resin, crystal diamond dust, spray paint, fire, acrylic, spray and oil paint, neon, aluminum and wood. Voyage d’Ulysse at Pellas Gallery displays the artist’s mission to explore freedom layered with vibrant color and mixed media.


“We are honored to be showcasing the inspiring and experimental work of PunkMeTender,” says Pellas Gallery co-owner and NFT collector Alfredo Pellas. He continues “The energy he brings to his artwork matches that of our gallery where we are committed to bringing unique and new art to the city of Boston – PunknMeTender’s vibrancy is unmatched and we look forward to watching people react and respond to his art. The name of this solo show Voyage d’Ulysse arrived to us from the beauty of the very first butterfly that inspired PunkMeTener.”