Bradley Munkowitz, also know as GMUNK, is a visionary whose creativity and innovation span a diverse range of mediums, and has  established himself as one of the top visual design directors in the world. Utilizing a fusion of psychedelic themes and richly textured palettes, his signature style is  enigmatic, atmospheric, and metaphysical – much like the Munky himself. His ethos is driven by his desire to learn and be uncomfortable. He continuously seeks to apply his  foundation in design to new mediums, with new collaborators. He finds no greater joy than  joining forces with the people he adores to discover what their combined talents can yield. The results of these labors often take beautiful and unexpected forms as short films, installations,  music videos, commercials, digital art exhibitions, title sequences and various applications of  motion design. His work often centers around themes of identity, the subconscious, and our human connection  to technology.