Bob Lewis American, b. 1950


Bob Lewis' work is inspired by the art, archeology and cultural artifacts left by the paths of civilization and the whims of nature. Lewis is fascinated by history and became increasingly curious about the layering of historical and cultural visual information left by various cultures and empires.


Lewis began traveling in order to see these things—not just in their full dimensions, but in the context for which they were intended. The imagery in Lewis' work comes from art history, archeology and classical architecture, but also pop culture, literature, films, graphic novels, as well as current events. Lewis has been influenced by such disparate artists as Bosch, Caravaggio, Frank Frazetta and the illustrators of D.C. Comics.


Lewis' vanity is that he thinks he has been to these places he created. His goal is to take the viewer along, so that they engage with the work the way he does in the studio.


These are perpetual works in progress. He could keep working on these pieces forever; it makes no difference to him.


Exhibiting the work gets it out of his studio, forces him to take a deep breath, look at it again and see where his travels have taken him.