Milo Milowsky American , b. 1966


 Milo is a painter who lives and works at the Claflin School Studios in Newton, Massachusetts. His work has been exhibited in galleries locally, nationally and internationally.

“My goal is to blend fact and fiction, which I do by filling dream-like landscapes with re-imagined famous or contemporary imagery as forgotten sculptures. Similar to how a modern-day archaeologist uncovers ruins, my process includes finding pop imagery, often set in a distant, mountain range—where the viewer might stumble upon them and recognize their bare, reduced shapes.

“In essence, I create dystopian pop art scenes of monolithic sculptural relics that can be identified by the distinctive, recognizable shape of the image. My paintings do not depict real human beings, but the memories and vestiges of them.

 “The images in my paintings are isolated and show no signs of life among the mountains. I use spray paint, airbrush and acrylics to bring these works to life.”

Milo tends not to discuss the content behind his work, as he believes each artist’s work is open to the viewers’ own interpretations. He enjoys discussing and/or listening to others’ interpretations of his work, as it allows him to see his ideas in a different light, ultimately creating more opportunities for him to produce.