Eleanor Arbor b. 1993


In attempt to represent the physical world, figurative artist Eleanor Arbor creates heavily textured, rich and laid surfaces within the different realms of two and three dimensionalities. Having developed her own minimalistic style of sculpture while pursuing a degree at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (2016), the artist now strives to create multifaceted works that touch upon the themes of female ideologies and gender identity. 


To begin her sculptural process, Eleanor starts by building wooden armatures to then cover in layers of foam. If creating her 2D works on panel, she instead stretches burlap fabric onto wooden stretchers of her desired size. She then proceeds by intuitively layering thick masses of plaster over the base of the figurine. Manipulating the form, the artist continues to sculpt with what she states as an additive/subtractive method; creating volume with added layers and chiseling off any unwanted mass. Once creating a variety of preferred textures, Eleanor spray paints the raw plaster with a base coat of color before layering the entire work with multiple coats of resin. The color of the resin is altered as she adds a variation of pigments specific to the original medium.