Love Me, Love Me Not: Solo Exhibition Featuring Artist Timmy Sneaks

21 July - 17 September 2022

Love Me, Love Me Not is a solo show with artwork by Boston-based artist Timmy Sneaks taking place from July 21 – September 17, 2022. The show exhibits a variety of pieces from the mixed media artist using an array of mediums including spray paint, acrylic, pastel, oil, collage, resin, and marker. Graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration, Sneaks' pieces have been showcased in major markets including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Austria to name a few. Sneaks' artistic style blends bright colors with iconic pop characters with influences from cubism, futurism, pop art, and abstract expressionism. Sneaks has created custom pieces for Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick, DJ Khaled, Post Malone, and Tdot Illdude. 

Timmy Sneaks is also showcasing two new NFTs during his show at Pellas Gallery, a first for the artist. 


“We are excited to continue to work with Timmy Sneaks, this time bringing his work to the gallery for a solo show,” says Alfredo Pellas. He continues “At Pellas we are committed to bringing a hybrid model to the way we showcase art – we will continue to exhibit traditional while bringing a digital component to all shows - we are thrilled to be working with Timmy on his first NFTs here at the gallery.”


Partnering for the exhibit is Sneaker Junkies. Sneaker Junkies has been a driving force behind the fashion and footwear scene in Boston and New England for over 15 years. They are showcasing the latest and most exclusive Sneaker Junkies arrivals. 

Prior to painting full time, Timmy Sneaks was a tattoo artist until around 2014 when he left tattooing and gave himself one year to pursue painting full time and build up a body of work that would lead him to Art Basel Miami 2015. Sneaks says, “I remember quitting the shop I was working at after reading an article about Leonardo DiCaprio buying a million dollars’ worth of Frank Stella who is one of my favorite artists. I told myself I would give it one year to paint every day, all day and to get into Basel Miami for 2015. It started getting late into the year and I had no idea how Basel worked. I didn’t realize people booked their spots a year in advance and now it was already Fall. I sent out a ton of emails. A few weeks went by and one show, Spectrum Miami, emailed back and had a cancellation from someone and offered it to me. I took the booth without hesitation. I remember leaving Miami at the end of Basel, after selling a bunch of pieces, and realizing that I could actually do this.” 

From then on Timmy has taken advantage of the use of social media and has leveraged his account to garner attention from major collectors, professional athletes, musicians, actors, and others from around the world. Sneaks says of this, “I’ve always said that social media is like walking around with a gallery in your pocket. We now have access to show millions of people our work that otherwise they would only see if it was hanging in a gallery in a city they traveled to”. 

In a recent Boston Man article, Pellas Gallery co-owner Alfredo Pellas praised Sneaks. “We have sold several dozen of his works and every time he brings something to the gallery it’s more refined than the last. He’s really what you search for in an artist, always pushing the limits, refining and honing his craft yet maintaining that power where you can see any of his works and immediately say ‘That’s a Timmy Sneaks piece.’ My father and I have collected several of his works and will keep on collecting. We are really proud to be his lead gallery and will always do our best to catapult him to new heights.”