"The Lost Art of Thangka ": Solo Exhibition featuring Master Thangka Artist Niangben

29 September - 4 December 2022

"The Lost Art of Thangka" is a solo show with thangka paintings by master Chinese artist Niangben called The Lost Art of Thangka: A Tibetan Monk’s Journey fromSeptember 29 - November 26, 2022. The show will be the first of its kind in Boston exhibiting the ancient lost artform by a contemporary artist. Thangka painting is an ancient type of Tibetan art, which has been preserved by various cultures in South Asia, central Asian and central plains for two thousand years. A thangka is traditionally painted on silk or cotton, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene or mandala, a circular design containing concentric geometric forms or images of deities.


Niangben has caught the attention of art collectors around the world and has received numerous accolades and awards for his work; his training in the intricate thangka style began when he was 12 years old, and has since exhibited at museums and art galleries internationally. Known for his deep colors and elegant style, Niangben’s paintings are a practice of Buddhism.


“Few times have I had the chance to represent an artist with such a unique story and equally remarkable talent as Niangben,” says Pellas Gallery co-owner F Alfredo Pellas IV. He continues, “Niangben manages to evoke feelings of awe, connectedness, and spirituality in his work. His artwork is unlike anything I, and most people in the western world have ever seen. Most of his paintings take several years to complete. The amount of intricacy and detail is unfathomable, often needing a magnifying glass to see the smaller details, even on massive works. This will be the first Thangka show in Boston and Master Niangben has flown in from Tibet for this special occasion, which I believe will mark an important cultural experience for the City of Boston and the United States.”


Niangben’s son and apprentice, Renqing Duojie, will also be showcasing a few pieces of work
during Niangben’s show at Pellas Gallery.